Working With Source Code

It's like having your own hardware division, without the headaches

Problems We Solve

Software vendors have always struggled to support a complex ecosystem of hardware vendors, evolving system components, and device driver support. And though considerable resources are allocated to develop software which is marked as compatible with a wide array of hardware-combinations, the reality is that post-sales support regarding hardware related incompatibilities, often arise.

For many ISVs, the development and control of turnkey software/hardware platforms with appropriate specifications, benchmarked performance, and cost-effective scalability makes sense. Supporting a pre-determined set of hardware platforms ensures compatibility, reduces support and downtime costs, and delivers the optimal software performance. Depending upon the vertical these solutions can range from simple 1U appliances, up to fully racked and complex storage or computational clusters. Consistency is the key.

Once a decision has been made to convert add value by shipping software pre-installed on branded appliances, a host challenges present themselves. In addition managing the obvious logistical, financial, and staffing requirements for running a hardware integration division in house, are the not so obvious challenges. These include determining which internal components and brands to utilize, developing an assembly workflow, stocking component inventories, capturing data to efficiently support hardware failures and related RMA requests, component life-cycle forecasting, and the critical ability to scale. All within our ISO 9001:2015 certified processes.

How We Help

Source Code enables software vendors and developers to easily transition to an appliance-based sales model while handing all the aspects of the hardware manufacturing lifecycle transparently, allowing customers to invest their time and resources on core software product development. For example, an independent software firm developing and maintaining codes for a television station doesn't particularly want to track when a new Intel chipset is launching.

Our Sales Engineers, most with nearly twenty years of experience (which matters) work tirelessly with valued customers to co-develop a set of rigorously tested and proven hardware platform configurations to ensure optimal software performance to insure that licensees have an exceptional out of box experience and easy deployment. Then these BOM line-ups are securely accessible online for one-click order processing.

Our long term and premier status relationships with some of the largest names in the technology industry such as Intel and Microsoft guarantees that Source Code is always looking well over the roadmap horizon to insure that the life-cycles and next revision of our customer's platforms are manage smoothly. Ramping up the reliable delivery of consistent hardware platforms, and managing next generation offerings smoothly is a complex endeavor and there are not short cuts for having twenty years of experience doing this. Scale and experience matter.

While Source Code's rock-solid systems are built and tested extensively for reliability. However, out of thousands of platforms shipped each month, should any component eventually fail, we are extremely responsive at providing the fastest and most efficient support resolutions possible. Uptime is the bottom line, and we have invested heavily in developing component level support procedures and infrastructure which includes component level tracking. Support is part of the product. Talk is cheap, so we greatly appreciate that many of our oldest and largest clients are often willing to discuss their positive experiences partnering with us with prospective customers.

What now?

Growing tired of receiving hardware support calls for servers you never configured? "Your sofware customers" are always going to call you first. Thinking of staffing turnkey hardware production in-house? Think again. Thinking about shipping turnkey platforms to streamline the deployment of your software? Want your brand name noticed in datacenter racks? Want certified backend processes and refined data capture throughout the manufacturing process? Tap into Source Code's proven track record. Tap into Source Code's scale. We strongly encourage customer visits and tours. Come experience the Source Code difference in person.