Warranty & Support

Committed to delivering the highest level of service even after the product has been shipped.

At Source Code we take pride in the unmatched build quality of our systems. However, should a component or system issue arise our streamlined RMA procedure and advanced online reporting tools allow us to quickly and efficiently diagnose and resolve the problem to get your customer's system back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

Flexible warranty programs, tailored to fit your product

Every system is backed with a three-year minimum warranty with extended service contracts available.

  • Flexible warranty period: up to 5 year duration
  • Depot Warranty (ships back to us for repair)
  • Advanced parts replacement
  • Advanced parts replacement with on-site service
  • Hot-spare systems and components may be readily stocked

Serialized components, support lookup tools and easy online RMA

All serialized components are tracked in our system, including extended data such as Intel AA numbers. This gives Source Code and our partners full visibility on order history, either looking up components by system serial or vice versa.

  • Online order history detail.
  • Easy and flexible online RMA; search your order history return by serial number.
  • Simple online support request: reference your comments by Invoice, Serial or PO
  • Customer-safe non-branded support lookup at http://www.onlinesupporturl.com
  • Custom data feeds or lookup portals may be provided on request.

Failure Rate Analysis

Source Code is always looking to improve our ISO 9001:2015 certified process. We track failure rates for all of our systems, both at a component and build level and are always looking to provide the highest quality possible. We encourage our customers to engage with us in quarterly QVR meetings, which include failure rate analysis for their products.