Software Deployment

Fully customized advanced and secure imaging services.

Each of Source Code's build facilities is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging servers, which enable us to rapidly and efficiently load system images on new machines. This system gives us exceptional turnaround time and ensures that all builds use the latest revisions. Previous image revisions are digitally archived in the event that a rollback is required.

Source Code is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We also have access to Microsoft's Direct OEM Pre-Activation program, allowing us to string the system BIOS with a custom Windows pre-authenticated key. Systems loaded in this way do not require an activation step from your customer, which improves their out-of-box experience.

  • Image deployment system (deployment, version control, archived images)
  • Windows DOEM & OA 2.1
  • Windows Embedded
  • Linux/BSD Competency with all major distributions
  • Secure remote testing and setup

Microsoft Programs

Microsoft Direct OEM (DOEM)

Our direct OEM agreement with Microsoft allows us to purchase Windows licensing directly from Microsoft without relying on any 3rd party distribution channels. This partnership with Microsoft has many special benefits, one of which allows us to be 100% certain that all Windows licensing sold thru Source Code is absolutely genuine. By removing all layers of distribution we not only speed up the supply chain but also remove any doubt of ?grey market? product coming into our facility.

Another major benefit to our direct agreement is the ability to create custom recovery media for your device or appliance. Traditional system builders are bound by the standard Microsoft System Builder License agreement which strictly prohibits the creation of any recovery media. These traditional system builders can only provide the original Microsoft CD/DVD with each PC sold. This is not the case for Source Code. The right to create recovery media is limited to OEMs, such as Source Code, with direct agreements. Our software engineers will work with you to provide a unique recovery solution, complete with custom drivers that match to your specific device or appliance. These recovery solutions are available in many formats such as CDs, DVDs, HDD Recovery Partitions, or USB flash drives, just to name a few. By leveraging our direct OEM partnership with Microsoft, you can ensure a quick, smooth, and professional recovery of your device without the hassle of a traditional operating system installation.

Microsoft OEM Activation

OEM activation is a perpetual, one-time activation that associates the installed version of Windows with the firmware (BIOS) of the PC. The activation occurs at the factory before the PC ships, so the end user or organization is not required to take any additional actions. The installed copy of Windows is valid only on that unique computer, so it can only be reinstalled and reactivated from specific recovery media designed for that PC. Customized recovery media can be created for customers and can include specialty drivers that will be inserted with the base operating system installation. PCs utilizing OEM Activation can be quickly reinstalled from a number of recovery media options and are never required to perform the Windows Activation or Reactivation process.

OEM Activation is a key benefit for customers providing large scale PC roll-outs in the educational and corporate space. End users who receive a PC that has OEM Activation will not have to enter multiple unique product keys for each system they install. The Windows activation will already be genuine and valid as it was done on the factory floor prior to shipment. OEM Activation is a great solution for customers delivering appliances or embedded PCs into an environment where the PC will never touch the internet. Examples of such devices include PCs used in: Digital Signage, Kiosks, Medical Device, ATMs, Control/Automation, Monitoring Devices, Retail POS, and Security/Surveillance Devices.

Microsoft Windows Embedded

Windows Embedded offers a comprehensive suite of operating systems and tools that can help device manufacturers reduce time to market and improve connected device performance. Windows Embedded technology powers embedded systems that enable organizations to connect to IT infrastructure, increase staff efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Thousands of embedded devices have been built with Windows Embedded products, from portable ultrasound machines to GPS devices and from ATMs to devices that power large construction machinery. With comprehensive features, easy-to-use tools, free evaluation kits and access to a large network of community support, Windows Embedded helps yield faster time to market and decreased embedded development costs.

Key Advantages of the Windows Embedded Platform:

  • Lifecycle, Lifecycle, Lifecycle ? The Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy guarantees five years of mainstream support and fives year of extended support for Windows Embedded products after release ? a total of 10 years of support! That means if you designed your device or appliance on Windows XP Embedded back on December 31, 2001 (launch date of Windows XP), you would still have access to licenses and support today (until December 31, 2016) via the Windows Embedded Program!
  • A full range of Windows Embedded products (from componentized to off-the-shelf) give embedded developers the flexibility to build and manage a range of devices ? including connected devices, kiosks, point-of-sale, digital signage, communication devices, and peripherals ? on a single platform.
  • As a single platform from device to IT infrastructure and cloud computing, the Windows Embedded platform facilitates connectivity between Point of Service and Windows-based enterprise IT systems, including CRM, inventory, sales tools, and business intelligence.
  • Windows Embedded developers have access to the latest Windows 7 for Embedded Systems features, including BitLocker? drive encryption for data protection, and advanced Windows Touch technologies and power management.
  • Window Embedded is a safe investment, backed by Microsoft support and extended availability as well as a worldwide network of partners with related expertise, experience, and complementary offerings for unparalleled design and build support.
  • Windows Embedded is grounded in a long history of partnership between Microsoft and market leaders in the retail and hospitality industries who consistently drive innovation in retail solutions.

The Windows Embedded Family:

Windows Embedded Compact 7 (formerly CE)

Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 (formerly XPe)

Windows Embedded Enterprise

Windows Embedded POSReady 7 (formerly WEPOS)

Windows Embedded Automotive 7

Windows Embedded Server

Windows SQL Server for Embedded Systems