Engineering & Design

Engineered for reliability, designed around your budget.

Source Code's project managers have 10+ years of industry experience, and are located on site. They'll work with you to develop a product to fit your unique needs.

We believe in using extended life products from vendors with proven track records to ensure both platform stability and quality. Having a stable platform reduces the frequency by which your image needs to be updated, and will also provide a generous amount of time to plan for updates to your product as hardware evolves.

We work with you to keep your platform current.

  • Stable platforms reduce the frequency by which your image needs to be updated
  • Product monitoring, early end of life (EOL) redesign notifications
  • Secure remote testing and setup
  • Driver, BIOS/Firmware management
  • Microsoft Windows DOEM, OA2.1, Embedded
  • Linux/BSD Competency with all major distributions
  • Image deployment system, version control