Manufacturing & Production Capabilities

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified, state of the art Norwood assembly facility.

Manufacturing & Production Advantages

Source Code's primary 40,000 sq. ft. build facility is located in Norwood, Massachusetts and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Additional facilities are located in Columbus, Ohio.

Source Code's build facilities use our state of the art system scheduler software, which gives our entire organization full visibility on every build from start to finish regardless of physical location.

  • Realistic completion forecasting: Product availability, build complexity and overall workload are used to accurately predict when a new system build will be completed.
  • Workflow tracking: All builds move through a clearly defined and documented process, tracked in our system and visible to our entire organization.
  • Delay Notifications: In the event of a delay the account manager and management staff are automatically notified of both the new ETA and the cause of the delay.
  • Digital Documentation: All related documentation is kept and viewed digitally to ensure that the most current information is always in use.
  • Component Serialization / Tracking: Serialized components are tracked at the system level. We are not only able to look up which invoice a part was sold on, but we can also tell exactly which machine it was installed into. Additionally our software is tailored to support specific additional data required by manufacturers.
  • Custom Build Instructions: Specific build instructions for each system and customer may be added to our system, and are displayed automatically when an order is added to our scheduler.
  • Knowledgebase: Even with the most careful planning hardware compatibility issues do occasionally arise in production. Source Code's system includes a knowledgebase that allows our technical teams to highlight known issues. Our quotation, production and ticketing systems all use this data to proactively scan configurations for known issues. This tool has allowed us to virtually eliminate repeat configuration errors.

Engineering Change Order (ECO) Process

Source Code's documentation and control process ensures that changes can be rolled out to manufacturing quickly. Documentation and files are all stored electronically and are accessed via our scheduling software, which ensures that everyone on our build team is using the most up-to-date information.