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About Source Code

A team of experts dedicated to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Company Overview

Source Code is a leader in dedicated server appliance manufacturing services for independent software developers and vendors. Our attention to detail through each step of the production lifecycle has earned us the reputation of being the most trusted and flexible system integrator in the industry.

Since 1992 Source Code has enjoyed sustained expansion and growth every single year. From our earliest days manufacturing memory products, to today's operations with nearly two-hundred professionals integrating customized platforms at our ISO certified facilities, our dedication to delivering rock solid computing solutions has never wavered.

What is our secret for achieving twenty plus consecutive years of growth? How does a company expand annually in every up and down market in a sea of shifting technologies? For starters, we work extremely hard. We constantly and systematically analyze and improve every aspect of our ISO certified operations, and we invest thoughtfully into scaling our company, facilities, and team. But perhaps more than anything else, the secret to our success is listening very carefully to valued customers to customize and deliver cost-effective offerings as a truly indispensable backend OEM partner.

Should twenty plus years of experience, a proven track record, references in many mission critical verticals, automated tools for quickly processing and tracking orders accurately, and a very strong financial foundation be considered assets? We think so. We capture and leverage data fanatically to track inventory, rate vendors, deliver orders on schedule, improve quality control, and provide real-time updates.

Some OEM customers have a single platform BOM automated in our system, while other accounts have higher run-rates and as many as ninety platform BOMs automated in our system. Many of our clients require custom logos and branding for their server, storage, appliance or cluster platforms. The pre-installation of software images and setting-up secure remote hardware access during the hardware production cycle are very common requests. Customizing unique bezels or packaging, and tailoring global logistics and support services are also key components of our OEM mix. Every BOM has a "unique recipe" of hardware components and value added services --which we automate to help partners scale their success.

Ultimately our very experienced team of Sales Engineers (all with nearly 20 years of experience) leverage extensive backend resources. Source Code starts with listening because this is where true customization begins. We strongly encourage customer visits and tours. Come experience the Source Code difference in person.